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Awakening Meetings

Awakening meetings are designed to enlighten the people of The Most High on what His intentions are regarding our temples.  It's our temples that allow us to go about and complete the assignments that He gives us.  We can't accomplish His mandates and be a light to the world when our temples are diseased and dysfunctional.  This meeting will challenge many believers; however, the information given is solid and 100% supported by biblical principles and scriptures.  Contact us for more information or to book a meeting.

Vegetarian and Vegan Cooking  (Events Page)

This class has been designed for those who have awakened and need assistance with simple vegetarian or vegan dishes.  You will learn techniques such as cooking with meat substitutes, and making your own vegetarian meat.  Recipes from the book, "Our Journey Towards Eden," will also be featured.  You will also experience the delicious dishes by partaking in the vegetarian feast which is prepared and included in the fee.  So, you get a meal and a class for the price of one!  A class minimum of ten, minus the host, is required to book an in-home class.   Also, check the events page for cooking demonstration locations, dates, and times.

Vegetarian and Vegan Meal Plans (Coming Soon)

Maybe you're confident in your new cooking abilities and you just want to make certain that you and your loved ones are getting a well balanced meal during the week, which is key to being a healthy vegetarian.  Ronita is working to become a certified Nutritional Therapist and is also experienced in vegetarian meal planning and can create a personal 2-week plan for you and your family to be reviewed by your dietitian or physician.