The Ministries of Eve

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Mission Statement

It is the ministry's calling to restore Eden principles into the lives of The Most High's people and to introduce a higher and better quality of life to His children through these principles.  Eden wasn't just about salvation and walking with The Most High, it was also a harmonious place where beast had reverence for man and man understood his stewardship of the domain that was entrusted to him; which was not to devour it.  Eden was pure and a place for the body, soul, and the spirit to be in perfect harmony with the creator in triplicate; the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.  The church has mastered salvation (soul), walking with God (spirit); however, it has neglected it's TEMPLE (body), and the principles of Eden are yet to be restored in this area.  This ministry is for those saints of The Most High who truly want to be restored to Eden and become balanced once again as our God-head exemplifies.

Personal Statement

I experienced healing in my body after transitioning to vegetarianism and now veganism.  It isn't my desire to judge or deprive anyone of their journey; however, it is my personal mission to assist individuals once choosing the path of natural and holistic living.  I am called to those who seek a deeper truth in God regarding their TEMPLE.